10 SEO Tools To Improve Search Engines Ranking and Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the buzz word and something that every webmaster wants to master to make their  blog/website rank well in SERP’s and also making it easily available for SearchBots to index our site/blog well.Here are a few free and commercial SEO Tools that you can try :

  1. SEO Administrator : Collection of SEO tools for website promotion and optimization for many major search engines.It has the following toolsSEO-Administrator– Ranking Monitor
    – Link Popularity Checker
    – Site Indexation Tool
    – Broken link checker
    – Link exchange software
    – Reciprocal link checker
    – Log Analyzer
    – Sitemap software
    –  Page Rank Analyzer
    –  Keyword Suggestion Tool
    –  HTML Analyzer 

    Though a commercial SEO Tool you can try out their trial version.
    Download SEO Administrator Trial Version.

  2. Web CEO – It is a free SEO software that has 12 SEO Tools in One Powerful SEO Suite with some really nice features like  web-ceo
    1. Find best keywords
    2. Promote Your Site
    3. Check your rankings with search engines
    4. Know who links to your site
    5. Track and analyze your visitors
    6. Find broken links and other errors on your site
    7. Monitor your website uptime/downtime.Download Web CEO
  3. Sheer SEO – SheerSEO is an online SEO software that specializes in tracking SERPs, PageRank and generates reports on a weekly basis and there is 90 day free day that you can try to see how this tool works.
    1. Checks current positions for key words in the first 200 results in Search Engines
    2. Historical positions in SERP
    3. Keyword Density
    4. Current Supplemental Index
    5. Current and Historical index of pages on Digg and Delicious.
    6. Referral Information and many moreSignUp for Trail Version
  4. traffic-travis-interfaceTraffic Travis – This SEO Tool has a very easy to use interface and has many commonly used SEO tools packed into it.It can also monitor your website rank on multiple search engines, manages your PPC campaign with service providers, like Google Adwords and advices alternate keywords for your SEO campaign.
    • Keyword Finder
    • Page analysis
    • Backlinks to site
    • Graphs and reports
    • Top sites for keywords
    • Website’s keyword list
    • Most popular keywordsDownload Traffic Travis, you need to provide your name valid email address to receive your registration code.
  5. WordsFinder has few useful SEO Tools like
    1. Traffic Estimator SEO Tool – This online tool has a simple interface where you type the keyword that you want to target and it shows an estimated volume of traffic the keyword attracts across 4 Search Engines namely (Google, Yahoo,Live and Ask), This tool also has a wordpress plugin that you can try.
    2. Keywords Suggestions
    3. Long Tail Generator
    4. Intelligence Alert
    5. Link Builder
  6. Good Keywords – This site has 3 free seo tools that you can try and each complement each other very well and all the 3 tools are free to download.
    1. Keyword Pad – clean, sort, modify, multiply (into long tail keywords) and manage huge keyword phrase lists in a tabbed interface.
    2. Good Keywords – Find the best keywords for your web pages and analyze your competition and check the progress of your web marketing and advertising efforts to ensure the best return on your investments (ROI).
    3. Keyword Explorer – This tool shows how a keyword phrase is used by different web pages like InTitle, InAnchor, Phrase or Search
  7. w3optimizer W3optimizer – This is an online SEO Tool that automatically analyzes your wepage and provides improvement suggestions on the on-page factors, off-page factors, competitor analysis and many more.

You can also check out the recently reviewed SeoRockin, which can also help analyze your keywords with your competitors.

General functions of all SEO tools are relatively the same but each of these SEO tools come with advantage of its own.

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  1. Rahul Reply

    what a great post. i was doing keyword research.
    i checked one w3optmiser…. but not free…

    do you suggest any gud seo tool ….which gives other report too…

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