2 Tools To Create .htaccess Files Easily

.htaccess lets you customize configuration for requests to the particular directory,for example a 301 permanent redirect can be given from a .htaccess files.Commands in a htaccess are complex for beginners and a wrong htaccess file can break a site aswell, so these 2 tools can make it easy in creating a htaccess files.

  1. HTACCESS Online Editor :It is an online htaccess editor for creating a htacceess file, using the tool you can
  • create restrictions to file.
  • basic authentication – password protection for the .htaccess file.
  • URL’s for custom error pages like 401,402,404,408, etc..
  • Default Page
  • setting www
  • Redirect Directives ie, 301 – permanent and 302- temporary
  • and access restrictions based on URL’s htaccess-editor

.HTACCESS Online Editor

2. HTAccessible : A freeware with a nice and easy GUI that allows you to create custom .htaccess files based on criteria you specify using the software.The menus contain various rules for the .htaccess that can be framed based on the input.


The various options available with the tool are :

  • Block : block visitors based on IP addresses
  • Error Documents : links to custom error pages for different errors
  • Linking : to prevent hotlinking of files, and allow/deny based on referers.
  • MIME Types : select the MIME types to add
  • Page Handling : SSI and default pages
  • Redirects
  • and Visibility of directories and pages.

HTAccessible  :  Download

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  1. Adam Reply

    Ah…when I first read the title, I thought, “why not just use a plain text editor???”, but I see these are tools for automating the code behind the actions. Very nice for those of us who aren’t .htaccess ninjas!

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