5 WordPress Plugins For Creating a Headlines Section For Your Blog

Sometimes while blogging you might want to share news or updates with your reader, but the news might not be something which could make it as a post or page, it could be just a line or a link to an external page.If you would like to start such a news or updates section in your blog you could use these wordpress plugins.

  1. FV Community News fv-community-newsTracking all the happening news is a tough task, FV Community News plugin allow your visitors to add articles to the sidebar. Complete with moderation panel and a settings page. Users can submit posts right from the sidebar itself.Features :
    • Widget Ready (Different form/results widget)
    • Tags for use in posts/pages
    • AJAX Form Handling
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Moderation panel (with email option)
    • Edit Submissions
    • My Submissions Page
    • Customizable templates
    • Captcha Spam protection (on/off)
    • Akismet Spam protection (API key required)
    • Build-in RSS 2.0 Feed
    • Image Uploading
    • Settings
    • Configurable Response

    Download FV Community News

  2. AWSOM News Announcement AWSOM_newsPost news announcements anywhere in your blog and edit it using the Visual Editor or code editor from the WordPress admin area. You can also select who sees your posts.You can now also run php code from the news area, You can also add the news area to a post or page and also run php code there. You can also set start and end dates for all news posts.The Plugin is also fully XHTML compliant.
  3. News Slider wp-news-sliderShow a widget with news that you add in your blog.You can add and delete news items from the list from the News Slider Admin Panel.Download News Slider.
  4. MM Breaking NewsYou can create lists for your posts. You can choose as many lists as you want and for each list you can select categories to include or to exclude posts.You can also conditionally place the code anywhere, to display the breaking news anywhere.breaking-news1
    Download MM Breaking News
  5. Simple Headline Rotater Plugin
    • Pulls the last 5 titles/excerpts from the “FrontPage” category.
    • Options page where you can set the width/height of the slider box.
    • Uses JQuery and Javascript to rotate the stories from left to right.
    • After the first rotation, the scroll animation speeds up.
    • Hovering the mouse causes the rotation to pause. Moving it out resumes it.Demo

    Download Simple Headline Rotator Plugin

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