How To Access Favorite Files and Folders From Tray Icon

Everytime one switches on a computer generally users open more than one file, folder or application for example while your browsing the internet you open a browser, chat client(s), adobe air app etc., but you cannot have the shortcuts on your desktop which could make your desktop full.


You can try MedalFolders which lets you access your favorite file(s), folder(s) and application(s) right from a single tray icon.It’s also very easy to add shortcuts to the application, just  click the MedalFolder’s tray icon and click “Open MedalFolders” and then drag and drop the file,folder or application shortcut in the Windows and click “Done”.

The next time you want to open the file, just click the MedalFolders trayicon and click on the file or folder name to open it.To remove an item from the shortcut’s list open “MedalFolder” and select the file/folder or application and click “Delete”.

Download MedalFolders

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  1. Marius Reply

    A note to all:

    MedalFolders 3 (beta) is going to be released within the next week or two. Please sent us an email should you want to become a beta tester. You can email me at Subject line = “MedalFolders Beta Tester”….

    The new MedalFolders 3 is going to kick some #@#…. 🙂
    We have include some incredible features…
    Features never seen before and there would be no contender when it gets to functionality, ease of use, productivity.

    BTW: It will be using between 2MB – 3MB of memory… Very little resource overhead and small footprint.

    Guys and Girls, please make sure you get the latest MedalFolders 3. To be released soon…

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