How To Check Your RSS Feed Reach From WordPress Admin

RSS Feed is the most convenient for any user to get updates from a blog or website using any RSS Reader Online/Offline without having to visit the site to check for updates and the problem many bloggers face is that they don’t know how many clicks did the previous posts receive in the feed.This information can be very useful and lets us analyze what kind of posts receive the most clicks.


FeedBurner is the most commonly used feed subscription services by mainly bloggers, though logging into your FeedBuner accounts shows you the Popular items in the feed, but here’s how you can also have the same information right in the WordPress Admin Panel using the FeedBurner Stats wordpress-plugin, which bring the information about the popular posts in your feed with the number of clicks and views each post has received and also a increase/decrease in number with comparison to the previous days numbers.

The plugin uses the FeedBurner Awareness PHP API to access the FeedBurner feed data and the Google Visualization API for generating the charts.


The plugin is very easy to configure, just install and activate the plugin next navigate to the plugins settings page under “Settings –> FeedBurner Stats” and enter your Feed URI.

FeedBurner URI is the last part of your feed URL For Example., , here TechYard is the Feed URI and which needs to be entered in the settings page.Once this is done you can now check the popular posts of the feed under “FeedBurner Stats”.

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This is very handy and makes it easy to check how much reach your posts make and their popularity.Do share your thoughts about the plugin.

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