How To Find and Add Free Stock Images for Your Blog Posts From WP Editor Using Freebie Images WP Plugin

freebie-imagesPictures speak more than words, similarly find finding good quality images for blog posts can be a blogger’s toughest task, Freebie Images WordPress Plugin makes this a lot easier to add Free Stock Images for your blog posts easily from within the WordPress Post Editor.

The images are provided by Crestock Stock Photos – a premiere image bank, this wp plugin makes searching through the vast image bank even easier with advanced search options like Image Orientation and File type.

Images can be added to the post, by simply dragging and dropping the images from the search results.The image sources are automatically added for the images, means no need of manual work.freebiee-images-wp-plugin

Features :

  • Add images from WP Editor
  • Drag & Drop image addition
  • Search filters like Image Orientation and File type.
  • Auto photo attribution
  • Photo sized between 300px and 400px width to suite bloggers.

Installing of the plugin is like any other plugin, and all images are /wp-content/uploads/crestockimages/

Note :

  • Try a manual FTP upload, if the plugin upload functionality does not show the plugin added into the plugin panel.
  • Switching from Visual to HTML view before image is fully loaded, might end up images disappearing.

Download Freebie Images WordPress Plugin.

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