How To Have Windows 7 AeroShake and AeroSnap Features In Windows XP and Vista

win7Every new Windows OS has a new user interface for Vista it was the Aero Effects and Transparent Window Borders,now in Windows 7 its Aero Shack and AeroSnap.If you think of having Windows 7 Aero Shack and AeroSnap features in either XP/Vista, you can try out TrueTransparancy.

TrueTransparency is a free application that allows you to replace your window’s borders by skins composed with transparent images bringing Vista transparency to your XP Desktop and it also include support for Windows 7 Aero Shack and AeroSnap features.

Check out this video to see Aero Shack and AeroSnap features using TrueTransparency :

Download TrueTransperancy

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