AirDroid – Wirelessly Manage and Control Your Android Devices

Recently I updated my Samsung BlackJack to Windows 6 Mobile, ( to backup I had to setup ActiveSync, Samsung Modem Device Drivers, Outlook ) only after which I could backup and connect my device.If you have a Android Device it’s a lot more easier to manage your device, it would require a WiFi Connection and the AirDroid App installed on you Android Device and you are ready to browse through your phone via Web Browser.

AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage and control your Android devices (phone & tablet) from a web browser.AirDroid gives you the ability to

  • View/install/BackUp Android Applications on the phone,
  • See the battery usage, memory usage,
  • Copy files to/from your computer,
  • View messages, videos, photos and
  • How to manage files on SD Card
  • Preview/Import/Export Ringtones
  • Read, send, forward or delete SMS messages.

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Here are the steps :

  • Just connect both the PC and Phone to the same WiFi Network,
  • Next Start the AirDroid App on the phone ( this should show the dynamic password ) which should be entered in the PC WebBrowser to access the device.

AirDroid Login

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    • Start the WebBrowser, and enter the URL which should show the login, enter the Dynamic Password Generated in the previous step.
    • You should now be shown the AirDroid Web Desktop.
    • Video Walkthrough Of AirDroid

      A predefined password can also be set instead of a dynamic password for each connection, but make sure to keep this password strong coz If you are on a shared Wireless Network you could risk leaving you phone open to access.

      How To Create Strong Password and Easily Remember Them Using Password Card.

      AirDroid - Web Desktop

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