How To Improve System Performance By Allocating Higher Cache Memory In Windows Using Cache Booster

Cache memory plays a very vital role in the speed of a computer, but the same default memory allocation might not be suitable for all situations for example you have a memory intensive program then allocating more memory has an added advantage of retrieving repeatedly used data right from the cache instead of disk.

AnalogX Cache Booster is free Cache Memory Allocation tool that lets users allocate the amount of memory based on the requirements.To see your system current Cache Memory Allocation from the Cache Settings drop down select “Current Settings”.It also comes with 8 Cache Settings ie., default modes for various common tasks like, CD Burning, Gaming, Multimedia, Power User, File Server, Digital Audio/Video and Bare Minimum which have different memory allocations based on the needs.

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Select the Cache Settings and click “Apply Changes” to apply changes, But for the changes to take effect the system needs to be restarted.Modes can also be changes easily by right clicking the Cache Booster Tray Icon, and selecting the Cache Settings.Each Cache can also be individually made inactive by unchecking the “Active” checkbox for the respective Cache.

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