Auto Sync and Backup USB Drives Automatically Using USB Sync

USB Portable storage drives are convenient and also the main storage medium than CD/DVD’s for the convenience they offer users.These devices contain day to day updated files which are important and keeping a backup of the files is very important because these devices can sometimes due to virus, and hardware failure become inaccessible and data is lost.

Backing up the USB Drive can be difficult task if you carry many files on your storage drive and creating new folders backup daily can take a lot of backup drive storage space.USBFlashCopy is a USB Backup Software, which can automatically back up your data on flash drives and storage cards on the fly once it is inserted into the system.USBFlashCopy copies only newer or updated files, you can optionally keep old versions of the files.


USBFlashCopy automatically detects when you insert a media and copies its content to the local drive on your machine. By default, it creates a sub-folder for each removable media in “My Documents\Removable Media Backups”.If you use multiple devices then you can create different profiles with separate settings for different flash sticks or storage cards.

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USBFlashCopy Profile

It is a portable application, weighing 300KB only and stores all the settings in an INI file ( USBFlashCopy.ini ), automatically created in the folder the application is running from.USBFlashCopy works on any Windows OS.

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USBFlashCopy is available in 2 versions, Basic and Silent.The only difference in the versions is that the Silent Version runs completely invisible with No icons, no progress bars, no prompts and auto backups the data once the USB Drive is plugged into the machine.

The Silent version costs $ 39.95 and the Basic Version is free.

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