How To BackUp and Restore System Drivers Using Double Driver

The first thing we do after installing the OS is to updates the drivers for the hardware by running the installers individually which can take a lot of time.There’s a very easy way to do this, just backup your current installed drivers and reinstall all of them in one go using Double Driver lets you see all the drivers installed on your system and backup selective drivers or take a complete backup of all drivers and restore them easily using the same application.Backup of drivers can be taken in 3 ways : Structured Folders, Compressed Zip Folder, Self-Extract Executable. Double

How to Backup Drivers :

  1. Open Double Driver
  2. Click “BackUp
  3. Click “Scan” in the toolbar.
  4. List of all installed drivers are shown, Select the drivers you want to backup and
  5. Click “BackUp” and navigate to the folder where the backup is to be stored.

You can also scan a system for a non-live system for drivers by clicking “Scan Another System” to scan and backup drivers of the OS installed on a different drive.

Double Driver

How to Restore Drivers From Backup.

  1. Open Double Driver, and click on the “Restore” button in the toolbar.
  2. Click “Locate BackUp” and point to the Backup Folder  and click “Restore”.

DoubleDriver - Restore Drivers

Make sure you also save a copy of the Double Driver is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

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  1. Yogesh Patel Reply

    Until now I have used Driver Easy which is easy to automatically install the missing drivers but this is somewhat in the same field.

    • Avinash Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comments, Driver Easy also seems to be a very good alternative.. thanks for sharing it with us.

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