Backup and Restore Wireless Network Settings Using Wireless Migrator

I’ve shared a tool called Net Profiles that saves network settings of various networks so that you could change the network easily, WiFi has made things easier by eliminating the need for editing settings for each network making the login process for each network far easier based on the WiFi network your trying to access.

But Windows has no easy way of backing up and restoring WiFi settings but now you can Backup and Restore all your Wifi network settings in Windows Vista using Wirelesss Migrator which uses windows commands to save WiFi network settings.

How to use :

  1. Run the program once, that will generate a small file with all the wireless network information.
  2. Run this generated file, all settings of wireless networks will be restored on target machine.



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Note : This version works in Windows Vista only.

In case the next you format you system or use the same settings on new system you can consider using this tool.

Download Wireless Migrator

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