Block USB Ports To Prevent Data Theft,Virus and Malware Infection Using USB Blocker

USB Devices have become the more possible reason for spread of virus across computers and the USB Thumb Drives with their size have made more easy for data theft.To protect your systems in a network or in a office environment the last option would be to disable USB Ports which you can do using NetWrix USB Blocker.


NetWrix USB Blocker is a freeware which is able to lockdown USB port remotely across a network to prevent unauthorized use of removable media that connects to computer via USB ports like iPods, thumb drives, memory sticks, SD cards and etc.You can perform the USB Port lockdown on the client either locally or remotely via the windows Group Policy Mechanism.

To block ports on single PC thats not connected to any network you will need to enter the domain name as workgroup in order to block the USB ports on the local computer.

Works with Windows XP/2000/Vista/2003.


Mirror1 – Softpedia

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