Share Files Easily On LAN Using CC File Transfer

I’ve earlier shared online services for sharing huge files using file uploading servers, file-share-lan-internetbut sometime there could be instances like sharing files only on Local Area Network (LAN) in that case you can try CC File Transfer a web based file sharing application to share files, photos, music and video with your friends on LAN.

Files can also be uploaded onto the server from which other users using a web Browser can download them.Files can be dragged and drop files into CC File Transfer, users can also upload files to the server from the webrowser.

CC File Transfer Features :

  • Download Files with web browsers or download managers.
  • Upload File to your friends from web browsers.
  • Supports large file transfer ie., more than 4G also.
  • File Transfer between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Resume Download and Multithread Download support and Compatible with most popular download managers.
  • Supports folders browsing and zip downloading.
  • Downloads based on IP-address and user credentials authentication.
  • UPNP router Compatible


Friendly URL’s can also be used instead of IP Address which requires signing up

Download CC File Transfer

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