Change Logon Background In Windows 7 Using Logon Changer

Bored with the Windows default logon theme, if your testing Windows 7 then Logon Changer for Windows 7 makes it easy to customize the logon screen background with just a few clicks.You can also revert back to the original theme just by clicking “Revert to Default Logon Screen” and the application will automatically uninstall all customizations.

Windows 7 Logon theme changer
Windows 7 Logon theme changer

3 Easy Steps :

  1. Start the application,
  2. Select the image that you want to set as the logon background and click “Test” to see how the logon would look.
  3. Click “ Change Logon Theme”.

Works on Windows 7 build 7000+

Download Logon Changer

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