Change Windows 7 Theme To Windows XP Luna Theme

Windows XP has been the most popular of Windows OS in the recent past, With Windows 7 around the corner launching on October 22nd 2009, and you donโ€™t want to miss the default Windows XP UI., ie., theme in Windows 7 as well then you can try out the Windows XP Luna Theme ported for Windows 7 by Satukoro from DeviantArt.

Hereโ€™s a screenshot of the ported Luna theme on Windows 7.


Downloaded Luna Theme for Windows 7. [Via]

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  1. dachar Reply

    i Attepted to do it… but it didn’t work… mabey theres a way without replacing explorer?

  2. Adam Green Reply

    Hello people! We added a visual theme, this is the “Luna theme (XP default theme) better.
    ***** NOW the buttons on the taskbar changes to ORANGE when a program requires attention.
    and we posted some extra programs for to makes Windows 7 look similar / same as XP !!!

    Luna 7 Theme: [link]

    • Stephen Reply

      Right Click Desktop>Personalize>Scroll Down Until You Find Windows 7 Aero. Click It

  3. Noel Reply

    I can get the XP Luna and Luna Aero themes accross, but I am being blocked changing the explorer.exe. The batch files don’t work and if I try to do it manually, even after removing the “read only” on the Windows folder Windows says that I have to be a “Trusted Installer” to change the file??? What is the trick? and does this step make it more like my beloved XP? Thanks.

  4. TJ Reply

    there needs to be a one-click or plug-and-play solution to making Windows 7 look and operate like Windows XP โ€“ theme, Explorer, Taskbar, Start, etc.

  5. Stephen Reply

    I really want to do this to windows 7 home 32 bit. Has anyone had any virus problems?? I am very protective of my pc!!

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