How To Change Windows XP Taskbar and Vista Taskbar as Windows 7 Superbar

Windows 7 has a nifty feature of showing just the program icons in the taskbar rather than a tab with program icon and window title, which take up lot of taskbar space and eventually getting grouped.

If you are still not comfortable making the shift to Windows 7, and want to have a go with the features of Windows 7’s taskbar in Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can try out Taskbaric, which is a portable app that can change the Windows XP and Vista taskbar like that of Windows 7.


How To :

  1. Download Taskbaric
  2. If you using Vista. Double Click “taskbaric.exe” and watch the taskbar change (OR) If your on Windows XP To change the taskbar style, just double click the “taskbaric_xp.exe”.
  3. To revert back to original style, just double the .exe file again thats it.

There’s also a registry hack for achieving the same, using a registry change suggested by Vishal Gupta here.

Download Taskbaric

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