Change Font Of Your WordPress Blog Easily Using AnyFont Plugin

Fonts can sometimes make the title look better, but changing the font can be tricky as you have to manually go through the CSS file, if you coded you own theme you might find it easy to change it but if your are using a free theme or your not comfortable editing CSS then you can try out AnyFont WordPress Plugin ( No longer Available) that lets you change the font of you WordPress Blog easily from the AnyFont plugin admin in WordPress.

AnyFont WordPress plugin allows WordPress users and designers to use basically any TrueType font you have on your computer on your WordPress blog, replacing post titles, widget titles, links. In addition it also will automatically generate SEO-smart images using your desired font.

Features :

  • Font Manager to easily upload new fonts to wordpress
  • Style Management which allows an unlimited number of different styles to be created.
  • Font shadow options within the style manager(Requires PHP5 & ImageMagick).
  • Image Cache for generated images plus browser caching is enabled for images to reduce page load times.
  • Cache Management.
  • Easy text replacement options for post titles, page titles, and widget titles.
  • Image replacements are SEO compatible.


How To Use :

  • Download and upload the plugin to your WordPress plugins folder
  • Activate the plugins
  • Manage the plugin under AnyFont Tab.

Note : Your server needs to have PHP4 or PHP5 and either the ImageMagick(imagick module 2.1.1-rc1 and up) or GD image module installed.

You can upload new fonts easily with the font uploader of the plugin, which uploads and organizes the fonts.Under the style manager you can also preview the fonts that you have uploaded.

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Under the settings tab of the plugin you can manage where you want the font to change, you can change the Post Title, Page Titles and Widget Titles.

NOTE : Alternate WordPress Plugin for using different fonts in your post is Use Any Font


  1. Amanda L Grossman Reply


    This is a great find. I have a question though; does the plugin change the font on all of my older posts as well? Is this automatic?


  2. Justin Reply

    im having a problem getting the font changed for strictly my blog title. The settings are checked but I need to change a line or insert something in the css ( very new here , i have no idea what specifically I am to insert and exactly where) any help would be appreciated, thanks

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