Chat,Transfer Files Across LAN Easily Using KouChat

Sharing files across the LAN needs configurations to systems and knowledge of all the local IP and can be done only with networking know how.But you can start to chat,transfer files across a network using KouChat is a simple serverless chat client for local area networks written in Java and it is also portable.

All that a user has to do is the start the application and a list of all users across the network who are logged in are shown, by default every user in the network is assigned a unique number and can be changed from Tools –> Settings (or) F4.kouchat-main-window

Each user needs to have this application on his machine, and just launch it by double clicking the (*.jar) file.

Features :

  • Main chat
  • Private chat – Double click on any user in the user list to start a private chat with that user.
  • File transfer – Drag and drop files to send
  • Click on a link to open the URL in your browser which can be set in Settings.
  • Smileys
  • Away messages
  • kouchat-settings

  • See when someone writes
  • System tray integration
  • Sound notification
  • Selectable text color for your user
  • Logging – Press the up and down arrow buttons when the input text field has focus to navigate through the history.
  • Topic
  • No configuration needed
  • Console mode

Hotkeys :

/help – show this help message
/about – information about KouChat
/clear – clear all the text from the chat
/whois <nick> – show information about a user
/names – show the user list
/nick <new nick> – changes your nick name
/away <away message> – set status to away
/back – set status to not awaykouchat-file-transfer
/send <nick> <file> – send a file to a user
/msg <nick> <msg> – send a private message to a user
/transfers – shows a list of all transfers and their status
/topic <optional new topic> – prints the current topic, or changes the topic
//<text> – send the text as a normal message, with a single slash

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Requirements : Java SE 6

Download : KouChat (.jar)


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