Manage Your Notes Easily With CintaNotes – Portable Note Taking Application

citanotes - note taking softwareGone are the days when users used to rely on notepad or wordpad for taking notes like to-do lists, daily task of organizing, URL’s, or any information for future reference.

Cinta Notes is a free, lightweight, portable and user-friendly personal notes manager / personal information manager that can help make note taking easier with some useful functions that make it very easy to use and helps be productive.

Features :citanotes

  • Hotkey Copy From any application : To save notes from any application into CitaNotes use the HotKey (Ctrl + F12), If copied text is from a webpage the title is copied into the note as title with the URL.
  • Note Editor : To Edit any note, just right click on the note and select “Edit”.
  • Merge Notes : You can also merge note by selecting multiple notes using (Ctrl + Click) and then right clicking on the notes and selecting “Merge”.
  • Export Note : Notes can also be exported as XML and Txt Files.
  • Search Notes : Searching is easy with “As you type search” feature and selective search for keyword in title,content,tags,links or anywhere in any notes.
  • Customized Appearance : You can also customize the appearance.
  • Auto Backup of Notes on Hourly,Daily or Weekly basis.
  • Tag Sidebar – For easier access or grouping of notes under same tags.

It supports all Windows OS including Windows 7 and a portable version of cintanotes is also available for carrying your notes on your usb drive.

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