How To Eject / Close CD Tray Using Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve earlier shared how you can eject/close CD/DVD Drive Tray by creating desktop shortcuts using NirCmd – a command line tool.If you are not interested in having extra icons on your desktop for ejecting/closing CD/DVD Tray, and want to prevent accidental damage to your CD/DVD Drive Button, then you can try out OC Tray.

This app creates keyboard shortcuts for ejecting/closing your optical drive tray.User can also alternatively close/eject from the octray system tray icon menu by double clicking it.


Shortcut Keys :

  • Minimize will hide OCtray to system tray
  • O – Opens tray
  • C – Closes tray
  • Esc – Exits program

Download OCTray

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  1. Rohit Sane Reply

    Oh wow! I never knew even this was possible. Many people try to insert pins in the CD/DVD case when they are unable to use the button on the drive. This will really help them.

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