Configure Windows OS Prefetch/SuperPrefetch to Improve Boot Time and Faster Application Startup Using TweakPrefetch

I’ve earlier shared a tutorial how you could make your Windows 7 OS Boot Faster, by enabling prefectch for boot only, but it needed to editing the registry for achieving the same if you are not interested in manually editing the registry you can try out TweakPretch.

Prefetch lets you easily customized the prefetch of Windows XP (or) Super PreFetch options of Windows Vista and Windows 7.You can choose from 4 Perfecting settings :TweakPrefetch

  • Disabled : completely disables fetching. “Superfetch” service is disabled.
  • Applications Only : fetching will only be applied to user started applications.
  • Boot Only : fetching will only be applied to boot files (system files, services and startup programs).
  • Applications & Boot : fetching will be applied to both applications and boot files (Windows default setting for Prefetch and Superfetch).

TweakPrefetch Features :

  • Supports Windows 7,Vista and XP
  • Supports Prefetch and SuperPrefetch
  • Detects wrong parameters for Prefetch and Superfetch
  • Clear prefetch in single click
  • Rebuilds

Clear Prefetch” will empty the Prefetch folder, forcing the operative system to rebuild fetch data.( This is not suggested as this could lead to temporary performance drop in applications startup time.)

You can also “Rebuild Layout.ini” from the “Options” menu” for updating the latest startup configuration.

The tool does not require any installation, just download unzip and use., that’s it.

Download TweakPrefetch

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