Convert Text Into Any Language Using Langover.

Typing text in different language can be tiresome, you need to change the keyboard layout, but the language turns out to be gibberish sometimes.LangOver can convert your text quickly between languages with just the press of a button ( F 10 ) .

Instead of using online translators, or costly language translation tools,you can use LangOver which is a free software. The software can convert text instantly between languages. The application will provide access to all installed keyboard layouts but only one layout can be defined in the application settings.


Application Shortcut Keys

  • F 10 – To convert from language 1 to language 2
  • F 6 –  To convert from language 2 to language 2
  • Shift + F10  – To convert from lower case to Upper Case.

You need to have more than 1 Keyboard layout installed on your System to use the tool.If you type in different languages then this tool can be a real Time-Saver.This tool only available for Windows Platform.

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