How To Create Bootable Clone Of Your Installed Windows OS

xxclone5If your are a Windows user that incase you fear how to boot your system in the event of a crash, then Cloning tools can be useful but commercial tools like Norton Ghost are costly if you are a casual home user then you can choose XXClone which is a freeware program that makes a self-bootable clone of a hard disk in a user friendly interface.

You don’t even need the command line which many other such tools require, XXClone has a friendly user interface that works in the regular Windows Environment.You can also back up in external drives for a safer backer and boot  from the external device in case of a crash.



Image Source : JKWebTalks

Features :

  • Makes a self-bootable clone of Windows system disk.
  • Supports all 32-bit Windows (95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP).
  • Can restore the self-bootability
  • Supports internal disk drives (IDE, SATA, SCSI)
  • Supports external USB/FIREWIRE drives
  • Operates in regular Windows environment.

Download XXClone | Download HELP File(chm).

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  • computer help

    Hello Avinash,

    I in the way to buy Norton Ghost, luckily find your website :). I will try this software first.

    Very useful software and importantly its free. Thanks for the info.

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