How To Customize and Create Unattended Installer For Windows 7 Using Windows 7 Lite

Windows 7 the latest OS from Microsoft is slowly getting accepted by users and with positive feedback, it is very much possible that many Vista users will slowly move over to Windows 7, and the installation procedure on new systems and Windows 7 Service Pack 1 which is due later this year you can customize your Windows 7 Installer removing unwanted app from the installer and also removing the required input by automating steps and making a unattended installer for Windows 7.

RT Se7en Lite is a free Windows 7 installer customization tool that lets users add/remove applications from the installer.

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Here’s what the installer lets you do –

  • Integration – Integrate service packs, hotfixes, language packs,driver installers etc to Windows installer.
  • Components removal – Remove unwanted components from installer like drivers, applications etc.
  • Tweaks – Disable or adjust system services,registry tweaks, power configuration etc.,
  • Unattended installation – automate common installation steps like Integrate product key, change UI language, setting time zone etc., so that during installation no user interaction is necessary.
  • Customization – Set your wallpaper, Enable or disable uxtheme patch, change logon music etc.,
  • It can also create a ISO Image, DVD Disk and Bootable USB Disk with Windows Installation.

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This tool defiantly makes it easier to customize a Windows 7 installer as new updates can be easily added and components can also be added and removed easily and the option to create a bootable usb disk, makes it eliminate the use of DVD’s which cannot be used once finalized, where the USB after installation can be used again.

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If your planning to install Windows 7 on multiple systems, try this tool as your work could be simplified with the unattended installer.

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