Create Desktop Post It Notes Using PNotes

Create sticky post it notes on the desktop using PNotes, which creates virtual transparent post it notes for desktop (or) desktop sticky notes on your desktop as a replacement to your paper sticky notes, which are very easily editable and are always on the desktop and remind you of your tasks.

pnotes2PNotes is highly customizable, you can customize the skins, fonts, colors, alarms, transparency level of the notes.You can also create your own skin for your PNotes using PNSkinCreator.You can also schedule each note to remind you about significant events.You can create Groups Sticky Notes by join notes into groups by your choice.


Features :

  • Always on Top,
  • transparent desktop post it notes
  • Text toolbar for editing texts on PNotes
  • Dock notes on any part of  the desktop
  • Group similar notes together
  • Add reminders for notes
  • Skinnable and customizable skins using PNSkinCreator

Create notes on your desktop easily by right clicking on the PNotes icon tray icon and select “New Note”, you can also auto save PNotes and it is easy to type and edit notes, with the PNotes text tool bar available at the bottom of PNotes while typing the notes.You can dock notes to either Top, Right, Bottom or Left of the screen and they are always on top of all applications.

The best part is that this tool is available as no install (or) portable software so you can carry your notes along with you where ever you go on your USB pen Drive.

Download PNotes.

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