PrivNote – Create and Share Self – Destructing Private Notes


Online privacy is what everyone looks for online, but that’s not so easy these days when there’s a real chance of your data seen by others.These days the most common way of sending private messages online is for ex., Direct Message on Twitter, or using different modes across different social networking sites.

If you saw the movie Mission Impossible II, you see Tom Cruise use a self-destructing goggles, which on completion of the message self destructs, PrivNote is brings the same concept to messages online.It lets users send private notes to your friend that self destruct after reading it once.After you create your note you get a link that you can share with you friend.Once the user closes the window the message is no longer available for reading.All notes are stored encrypted on the servers, before they are self destroyed or not read before 30 days.


Sender can also opt to receive a confirmation when the private message was read, to the email id you can provide while creating the private note.

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