Create Featured Posts Section In WordPress Blog

Featured Posts Section is most common in premium wordpress themes and the same can be implemented in any wordpress blog along with customization options from the wordpress admin using CB-Featured Posts plugin.

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CB-Featured Posts is created from jCarousel / jquery and developed and displays posts from a category of your choice with a nice scrolling and 30 easing effects anywhere within your WordPress blog.You can also vary many settings like height, width, Category-ID, Scrolling speed, font and font color etc.


Custom Field for Background Image

– You must add a custom field for each post you want to displayed in CB-Featured.

– Use the key featuredimg and the full url of your image in the value.


  • Upload the plugin to wp-content/plugins directory on your host.
  • Go to admin panel and activate the plugin
  • Click “CB-Featured” link under “Settings” and customize the height, width etc
  • Once you finished configuring your settings place this code where you wan the featured posts section to appear in the theme :

<?php include (ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/cb-featured/featured.php’); ?>

Download CB-Featured Plugin :

CB-Featured Plugin (Text & Images)

CB-Featured Plugin(Text Only)

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  1. Missy Reply

    Does this plugin work with any wp theme? And are there any known compatibility issues with other wp plugins? Looks great. I’ve been looking for a featured sliding post plugin and hopefully this is “the one”.

    Thanxs! Let me know.

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