How To Create Full Length ScreenShot Of WebSites

Sometimes it is required to show the screenshot of a webpage, but creating screenshots of webpages of different resolutions is a bit tricky.Webshot is a free screen capture specifically for webpage’s.It can save webpages as full sized images or thumbnails.It can save webpages in the JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats.

It can also create screenshots in batch mode, with the URL’s mentioned in a text file with list of URL’s in each line.The page width and height are automatic determined so the whole page accurately and also has a command line version.


To create a screenshot, after installing launch WebShot, under Single Tab, Enter URL and enter the output filename and press start.The image quality and image size can be altered under the Image Tab.The resulting website thumbnail will be opened after finishing.


Screenshot of

Download WebShot

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