Create Photo Mosaics And Polaroid’s Of Your Photos Using Pixisnap

pixisnap Pixsnap lets you create Mosaic and Polaroid Images from your images make them your desktop wallpaper or Myspace background.The services lets you upload images *.bmp, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.tiff formats.

To Create A Mosaic

  1. Select the Polaroid size.
  2. Upload your Image
  3. You can create a mosaic out of your own images that can be uploaded (or) by using images from Pixsnaps default set of images put into different categories like Nature,Buildings,Animals,People,Food,Flower,Abstract,Summer, Kids, Assorted  ( OR ) by using images from your flickr account.
  4. Select how light or how dark your mosaic will look
  5. and you have your output which can set as a desktop wallpaper or saved as a background in your MySpace Profile.

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To Create a Polaroid

  1. Select the size of your Polaroid
  2. Upload your image
  3. Select a Polaroid Tile out of the 4 available.
  4. Select the background either a color or design.
  5. and you have your Polaroid.


To create your own Mosaic and Polaroid’s visit Pixisnap and have fun.

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