How To Create Run Commands To Start Any Application

I’ve a list of over 90 Run Commands for Windows, but these commands were for applications and tools available in the OS, You can also create your Run Commands for application you installed to start the application by typing the application name in the RUN Window for the applications which you installed.

To do this you need 2 things, Application EXE path and Application Folder Path which you can find by right clicking the application shortcut, and take note of Target and Start In the highlighted paths in the following image.


Next Open Registry Editor, from Start –> Run –> Type “regedit” and browse to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\

and create a new Key in the Left Side Column under “App Paths” and name it as the applications exe name.

Select the Key you created and in the Right pane, double click the default Key and enter the “Application Exe path”, next create a new String in the Right Pane, by right clicking and Selecting String Value under New, and giving it the name Path and the value as the “Application Folder Path”.


To Start the application next time, Go to Run, and type “wweb32” and Press Enter, and you’ll find your application launched.

Note : This tutorial requires the knowledge of editing Windows Registry, and so make a backup of your Windows Registry before you try this hack.

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  1. Anandarajeshwaran.J Reply

    or use Slickrun. this free utility lets you do all the above in a drag and drop fashion

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