How To Disable Start Menu Windows Key During Games


Every gamer would have experienced what happens when you accidentally hits the Windows Key on the keyboard while playing a game in Windows It would minimize the game windows and open the start menu, this can be really annoying, There is a way to disable the Windows key. This can done in two ways the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is to use a simple freeware, and the hard way is to edit your registry entries,

In order to achieve this you can download a freeware called WinKey Killer, which can be used to disable the start menu and also a few other combinational keys which could disturb you during the game like Win+E, context menu key, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc, Win+F.

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How To Use?

  • Extract the zip into a folder.
  • Double click WKeyKill.exe to start the application ie., to disable start menu and other combinational keystrokes.
  • For setting up options double click WKKSetup.
  • For re-enabling the start button and other keys, Again Double click WkeyKill.exe.

win key killer

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