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English is the primary language of communication in most countries, In the new world of SMS, Twitter, FaceBook people are loosing the grip on the language with assistance tools like spell check and auto-complete which makes it obsolete for users to type the whole words which makes it even more difficult to know the meanings of new words and loosing the to improve the vocabulary in a language.Desktop dictionary and language translators can help to an extent but the integration into applications makes this learning process more easy.

Dixio is a Free Desktop Dictionary which come bundled with 23 million words and supports 3 languages ( English – Español – Català ).Using Dixio knowing the meaning of a words is very simple from any application, jut click the words for which you want the meaning and you get the the most appropriate meaning according to the context.It can also translate words into 7 languages.To lookup for a meaning just click on the word for which you want to lookup the meaning using the set key combination ( Default : Win Key + Click ).The word / sentence can also be copied under the Translate tab and translated into language of your choice.


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Dixio shows the following information about a word :

  • Compounds
  • Use Of the word
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Idioms
  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Phonetic transcription
  • Etymology
  • Grammar
  • Derivatives of the searched word
  • Orthography
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All the dictionaries available are not enabled by default, to enable a Dictionary/Library, just Open Dixio and under Contents Library, select the dictionary/source from the list of available sources.The preference of search can also be changed by dragging and moving the books according to which the search is looked up for.In the free version it looks up only in 5 sources ie., Wikipedia English, Concise Oxford English, WordNet, Bouvier’s law, Google Define and Google Images.The history can also be navigated, by clicking on the left arrow just beside the search box.The combination to invoke Dixio, can be under General Tab, the default is Win + Click.To start Dixio when its not running is Ctrl+Shift+D.

Dixio -  Dictionay Content

If you are learning a new language or want to know the language even better, I guess this is defiantly a good app to try.

Dixio is also available for iPhone and Android which are paid apps.

Note : The desktop application requires a free registration, which requires to enter your email address, and password to the account,which is to be entered to start a session.

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