Download 300+ Portable Applications Using LiberKey

Portable appliations have become very popular making it easy to carry all your favorite tools right liberkey-launchon your USB Drives and use them on any computer without the need of any installations.LiberKey groups a lot of free software making it a True “swiss army knife” for portable applications.You can also update applications from the LiberKey application itself, making it even easier to have an updates version.

LiberKey come in 3 different packages ( Basic, Standard and Ultimate ) and each package has it own set of tools arranged into different categories like Audio, CD/DVD, Education, File Management, Graphics – Photo, Internet, Networking – Server, Office, Security, System Utilities, and Video.

Features :

  • Updates of the main LiberKey softwares can be downloaded directly via Internet.( Registration Required )
  • Temporarily associate files extensions (.avi, .jpg, doc.,…)
  • Applications can be installed on USB key, external hard drive, music player,iPod etc
  • Access all applications from the LiberKey system tray icon.
  • 3 Different packages.
LiberKey Package
Setup size
Installed size on FAT32
56 MB
179 MB
144 MB
410 MB
197 MB
575 MB

liberkey-interface liberkey-updates

Check the complete list of software available in LiberKey here.

For a list of softwares under each package click here.

LiberKey is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Download LiberKeyBasicStandardUltimate

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  1. Portable Reply

    Thats nearly all the software from the opensource GNU, looks like lot of portable software in here

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