Create Dual Pane Window In Chrome and FireFox Tabs

Split Google Chrome Window or Tab and Firefox Windows or Tabs into 2 in the middle so as to open 2 websites in each pane side-by-side, using a javascript plugin developed by Chromeplugins.This plugin will enable you to browse 2 websites in the side by side “panes” in Chrome and firefox in the same tab.

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Here’s how you can do it in FireFox and Chrome

  1. Create a bookmark with this code as link


    and Name as Dual View

    To Create a bookmark, Right click on the Bookmark Tool and select New Bookmark [ In FireFox ] and Add Page [In Chrome ]

  2. Click Dual View on your bookmarks bar. A pop-up box will appear, like thischrome-dual-pane-site1then the next
  3. Don’t forget the http:// or it will not work
  4. Now you get the resulted split windowchrome-dual-pane


What Could be the use of splitting the Windows ??

  • Comparing Text, Search results,images..etc
  • Writing Blog posts, with reference to webpages.
  • Easy browsing for sites.

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