Eject and Close CDRom Tray From Desktop

open-trayWe can only eject the CD/DVD Tray from the Windows Explorer, but it can be very convenient having a shortcut on the desktop with an option of opening and closing the CD/DVD tray.

I’ll show a simple way of doing this using NirCmd, which is command-line utility that allows you to do some useful tasks without the need of a GUI.

  1. Download NirCmd from here
  2. Unzip and copy the file “nircmd.exe” into your windows dir ( for eg. C:\Windows )

To Create a shortcut for Opening CDRom Tray :

  1. Right Click on the desktop, and select New –> Shortcut
  2. Browse and locate the path in windows folder for NirCmd, leave a space and cdrom open x: (where x denotes drive letter).

    C:\Windows\nircmd.exe cdrom open x:

  3. Click next and save the shortcut with Open CD Tray.

To Create a shortcut for Closing CDRom Tray :

  • Repeat Above Mentioned steps 1 and in step 2 replace open command with close command, looking like this

C:\Windows\nircmd.exe cdrom close x:

Source : http://topgeartopspeed.wordpress.com/

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