Find Alternate Applications For Your Favorite Applications On Different Platforms With AlternativeTo

Everyone has his choice of applications for his day to day tasks, but incase you try changing you platform or wanna have the functionality of a desktop application on your mobile phone platform, it difficult to find alternatives for your favorite applications if it is not already available.

For example if you are a twitterholic and have a blackberry and not sure an twitter client for blackberry.Alternative To make it easy to find alternatives for your favorite programs across different platforms.



AlternativeTo has 2 variants,

  1. Desktop – For finding alternatives for desktop and online applications.
  2. Mobile – For finding alternate applications for mobile phones.

Supported Desktop OS – Windows, Linux, Mac, Online.

Supported Mobile Phones – iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and S60.

Find Alternative applications for your favorite applications online at AlternativeTo.

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