How To Fix Missing Images From Posts In WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 has reached great milestones, with quite a few updates and features but there’s one problem that not many user’s are aware of that is causing concern to many blogs that were recently upgraded to WordPress 3.0, that is because of default filter in WordPress 3.0 that makes sure that all the instances of the word “WordPress” is converted to “WordPress” to make sure that the word WordPress is correctly used.

This change is automatic and is enabled right after your update to WordPress 3.0 and the changes are affected to the post content,the post title, and comment text section and also URL’s if the images are named WordPress in the post content, which are renamed to WordPress in the URL eventually leading to broken links and images.This default filter can be turned off using “Remove WordPress to WordPress filter” WordPress Plugin which removes the default filter from affecting the Blog Content,Title and Comment Text.

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Note : This plugin no setting or options page, just install and activate the plugin and this should start working in the background, and this is works on WordPress installations 3.0 or later.

This filter should not have been implemented for WordPress updates as this causes broken links and something like this would be fine on a fresh installation and as it would not have caused any such problems or the filter skipping the changes to images and URL’s could also be fine.Let’s hope there’s a better solution to this in the next update of WordPress.

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