How To Fix “Missing CD/DVD Drive” In Windows

Sometimes Windows OS gets buggy and the CD/DVD Drives goes missing in My Computer, Restarting the system also does no good.I such a scenarios, you can try Rizone CD-DVD Repair utility which can get you back the missing CD/DVD Drive in My Computer.It can also disable the Autorun feature for removable drives, so that autorun virus don’t affect your system.

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fix missing cd rom in windows

The app is a no install app, Just download the app and run “CD/DVD Repair Utility” to fix the missing CD Drive problem in Windows OS.The app can also optionally reset the Auto run settings for your system and also protect against Autorun Parasites.In Windows 7 it will disable autorun for non-Volume devices to protect against viruses, since Microsoft have permanently disabled autorun.inf for removable drives.

Press “Repair CD-DVD” Button to start the repair process and after finishing fixing the problem.For the drive to be visible again under My Computer, Restart your system.

Rizone CD-DVD Repair utility is compatible with all Windows OS.

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