Fluency Admin – WordPress Plugin Updated Version For WordPress 2.8 +

Fluency Admin, the wordpress plugin that helps increase the accessibility of wordpress admin, has been updated to Fluency Admin 2.1 for wordpress 2.8+, The latest update has some really nice features like

  • Hover menus
  • Hot keys for menu/submenu access
  • Support for wordpress default color schems, Grey and Classic/Blue color schemes.
  • Turn on/off Fluency login styles
  • Login logo customization accessible from plugin options page.




Fluency sets the admin to the color chosen for the profile of the user.You can also hide the Admin Menu, for utilizing the screen space for effectively by clicking on “Hide Menu”

Install it like any other plugin and activate it.Choose your login page image from the plugins options page after activating the plugin.

Download Fluency Admin for WP 2.8 +

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