Follow Twitter Updates On Your Screensaver

If you are twiiter user and want to follow your friends tweets, then here are two screensavers that let you follow your tweets on your screensaver.

1.TweetSavr is a screensaver that connects to your Twitter account to display your latest tweets, your friends, or even public tweets. TweetSavr allows you to keep up-to date with Twitter .To install TweetSavr open the DMG and drag “TweetSavr” to the “Screensavers” folder.


You can find the Twitter RSS URL from the bottom of your Twitter profile.It Should look something like; (feed://

TweetSavr works with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Quartz Extreme.

2. Flitter : If Your are a Windows User you can use Flitter which is a mashup from Flickr and Twitter, it retrieves realtime data from both Flickr and Twitter to display those when the screensaver is active. It is possible to watch a certain Twitter user only or watch yourself and your friends and family. You may choose to either view the works of a specific user or use tags for Flickr images.


.net framework 3.0 has to be installed on XP systems. To install the screensaver simply download the archive from the developers homepage and right-click the .scr file.

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