How To Scan Files For Virus Infections With Multiple AntiVirus Engines

AntiVirus is one application that every system has irrespective of the OS installed.There are a wide range of companies offering free and commercial versions with a wide range of features based on the version of the AntiVirus you choose to install on a machine.It is recommended that users install only 1 Anti-Virus application on a machine which increases the chances of  infection if the AntiVirus does not detect the threat.If you are using a copying data from public system, downloaded files which someone suggested.In such situations it would be better to get a second opinion about the file(s) in doubt.

MetaScan Onlie

MetaScan Online is a web app which scans uploaded files for infection using 17  Antivirus Engines, giving a comprehensive idea about how much the file can trusted after scanned by all the anti-virus engines.The interface is very intuitive, Browse and Upload the file which you want the test for infection,Press the “ Scan ” Button and once that is completed a report with results from all 17 antivirus engines is shown in a table.MetaScan accepts files of size upto 40 MB only.

MetaScan Online

Its always better to have protection from online threats especially source and medium through which they spread the the like USB Drives while copying data, while browsing.A free Antivirus might not be capable to provide complete security.If that’s what you plan to use on your machine one needs to also have other applications like Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware to protect against threats from all corners.

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  1. Marijan Reply

    Hi, Is there any online scan with possibility to scan larger files than 20mb?
    MetaScan Online allow only 20mb to scan.
    Thank you

  2. javascript obfuscator Reply

    It’s always better to have protection from online threats especially source and medium.

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