Fresh Diagnose – Free System Diagnostic Tool

Fresh Diagnose is system diagnostic tool which can scan your system and give a complete report about your computer’s hardware and software, for examples: mainboard information and can also perform system benchmark tests.

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FreshDiagnose provides system level information about

  • Software System that gives information about the OS installed
  • Hardware, provides detailed information about the hardware installed like BIOS, Memory, Cache, Mother Board, Processor, Ports etc
  • Devices shows information about the internal/external devices connected to the system like Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Displays, Partitions, Logical Drives, I/O Devices like Keyboard, Mouse etc,
  • Network and Internet shows information about the network you connect to like internet, intranet etc, information about Network Adapters etc.,
  • Multimedia shows information about multimedia devices and audio/video codecs installed in your system.
  • Database System shows the ODBC settings and resources available on your system.
  • Snapshot lets you take snapshots of system activity like Processes, Modules, Threads, Heaps, Windows (Hidden or Visible) and Opened Shared Files/Folders.
  • Traces is the best feature of the application, It shows the recently accessed files of Windows OS History, Search History,  Run history, Open and Save History, Recent History, Browser History, Internet Cache,Internet cookies, and also the recently inserted removable devices like USB Drives, Hard Drives, Optical Drives and Monitors,
  • Benchmarks Module lets you perform benchmark tests on Processor, Multimedia, Memory, Hard Disk, CD, Network and Display Adapter.


You can also export the report with all the info to an external file using the System Report [Ctrl + R ] or save the report or print it as well.

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FreshDiagnose is available as a free tool for personal use and can be downloaded from here.

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