Erase Hard Drive Completely and Securely Using HDShredder – Portable HDD Erase Tool

erase-hdd Most users sell off their old HDD online but what is important is that you erase the drive completely so that the old data is not recoverable using before recovery software, coz your information might end up in others hands.HDShredder is a free hard drive eraser tool that can also erase IDE and USB Storage Drives.

HDShredder can completely erase HDD using Secure high-speed deletion technique with erase speeds up to 100 MB/sec or 6 GB/min and more.The tool erase using Iterative deletion patterns.A bootable CD/DVD on Windows can also be created so that a drive with no OS can also be erase using the Bootable disc.

Supported Media – hddshredder

  • IDE-, ATA-, SATA- and eSATA hard disks (up to 2000 GB)
  • CompactFlash via IDE
  • SCSI hard disks
  • USB hard disks (internal & external), USB keys
  • SD/MMC/CompactFlash/MicroDrive/xD/Memory Stick
  • Firewire/IEEE1394 hard disks (internal & external)
  • Dynamic Volumes, SAS, RAID and other

Supported Controllers –

  • PCI IDE controller / Busmaster IDE controller
  • SCSI host adapters
  • SATA Controllers with IDE interface, SATA-II controllers with AHCI
  • USB 1.1/2.0 controllers with UHCI/OHCI/EHCI
  • Firewire/IEEE1394 controllers with OHCI

HDShredder is a portable application and can be carried along on USB Drives and can be used on any system.

Download HDShredder.

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