Learn How To Build Your PC Right From Choosing Components to Installing Them

pcityourselfIf you are taking your first steps in computers, and planning to buy a new desktop PC for your own use.Then PCItYourself is the best place to start.It has all the details about building/assembling your own PC right from choosing components, what each component is meant for and explanations for the most common Computer Jargon you would come across while your looking out at different peripherals.pcityourself-3steps

PCItYourself has 3 sections separating different tasks :

  1. Choosing – Deals with all the hardware that goes into building a PC and explanations to common PC Jargon.Every section has a small flash video showing where the component goes in the cabinet.
  2. Building – This step teaches how to assemble/build your PC from the components you bought.The instructions are very clear with precautions to take and what you need to for building your PC.
    In the Left Hand Side there’s a list of components, clicking on each of them will give you detailed instructions on how to assemble them.The flash clips show how to assemble to do it.
  3. Installing : This section deals with installing an OS and Introduction to BIOS.

If you ever wondered what all the PC hardware jargon meant and looking for answers on how to build your PC.Then do visit PC It Yourself.

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