How To Change Case In MS Word Using Keyboard Shortcut

MS Office is definitely the most commonly used program to compose documents and edit them, but the commonly used shortcuts for some mundane tasks like changing the letter casing can be really useful.Any selected text can be formatted to be changed to a different case.Knowing keyboard shortcuts makes work easier while using Word.Here’s how to format text in a paragraph and change the letter casing.

Change Case In MS Office

In MS Word there is an option to change the case of the Word(s) in a sentence or paragraph and not like the change styles options in MS Office in 2007 ribbon, which show the preview on mouse hovering, to change the Case of the letters, Under Home Tab under Font Section, Select “Change Case”.

The drop-down menu itself shows the examples of

  • Sentence Case
  • Lower Case
  • Upper Case
  • Captalize All Words
  • Toggle Case

Alternately, the Case can be changed more easily using the keyboard shortcut –

“ Shift + F3  ”

which lets toggle case, change to lowercase and uppercase.To change case just repeat the keystroke.

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