How To Change Windows 7 Startup Tune To Windows XP Tune or a Tune Of Your Choice

Windows XP is one OS from Microsoft which many users are familiar with right from the startup tune to the default wallpaper, right from Windows Vista and Windows 7 most of the aspects have been changed including the startup tune.If you miss the Windows XP startup tune and want to have it in Windows 7, here a easy way to do that.

Startup Sound Changer is the free portable application which can change startup sound both in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the program is very intuitive with 4 buttons,

  • Play – To play the currently set startup tune
  • Replace – Change the currently set tune with a new one.
  • Restore – The restore the startup tune to the OS default tune.
  • Exit – To exit the application.

Download, Extract and Run “StartupSoundChanger.exe” which would like the image below.

Windows StartUp Sound Changer

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If you want to replace the Windows 7 startup tune, use the Replace button to browse and select the Windows XP tune which is available at this path in Windows XP [ X:\Windows\Media\ ] or a tune of your choice but remember that the audio file format needs to be .wav .

Download StartUp Sound Changer.

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