How To Delete Old Restore Points and Save Space

Windows XP has a feature of Restore Point that helps recover your system after you’ve made a configuration change or installed software that’s either crashed your system or makes it unusable.Windows create a Restore Point every 24 hrs or every time a system change is made.System Restore can use up to 12% of your hard disk space for restore points.

You can clear old restore point except for the latest Restore Point by following these steps :

  1. Click Start, Run and type “CLEANMGR” and press Enterclean-restore-point1
  2. Select the hard disk partition and press OK.clean-restore-point2
  3. Click the tab More Options
  4. Under System Restore section, click the button “Clean up”clean-restore-point3

You could also clear all the restore points by disabling “System Restore” and then enabling “System Restore” Again.

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