How To Display Random Posts In WordPress With Thumbnails In Sidebar

Every bloggers dream would be have a very low bounce rate, but that’s not that easy to achieve unless the blog/site has  content that’s very pleasing and required to many users.The only way to keep the visitors engaged is the reason why you can see list of posts under titles like Related Posts and Random Posts, which can be useful in keeping visitors engaged to look into older posts for more information.

wordpress advanced random posts

advance random posts

Random Posts can be off the topic to what the user may be interested but defiantly a good way to showcase the older posts on your blog.Images either in the case of Related Posts or Random Posts can be very attractive and eye-catchy.

Advanced Random Posts is a WordPress Plugin which makes available a widget that can display random posts with thumbnail images (optional) either from selected categories or current category of the the post page opened or all posts.

The widget functions in 3 different ways based on the page the user is viewing :

  • On the home page the plugin gets random posts from all posts or selected category
  • Single post pages if ‘ Get posts from current category ‘, is set the widget lists posts in the same category of single post and
  • In Category Pages it gets posts from current category.

How To Install Advanced Random Posts Plugin :

  1. Download and Upload the ‘advanced-random-posts’ folder to (wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ page in WordPress.
  3. Under ‘Appearance’->’Widgets’ to place it on your sidebar.

Incase your wordpress theme does not support widgets then you can also manually insert the Random Posts Widget in your sidebar using the code on this page.

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If you are looking for a easy way to setup Random Posts on your blog, this plugin can save your a lot of time.

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