How To Fix Stuck Pixels on iPhone

LCD screens tend to suffers at times from the problem of stuck pixels.Today’s display screens are mostly Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).iphone-stuck-pixel-fix In the past I’ve listed online and desktop tools for identifying stuck pixels on your monitors and how you can fix the stuck pixels using the tools.

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With mobile phone and smart phone also increasing using full screen touch display’s which also LCD Screen’s.iPhone is one such device which also has a LCD Screen and which also can have stuck pixels.In case you have stuck pixels on your iPhone you can fix that online using Knox Pixel Fix for iPhone.

The app uses javascript to rotate colors by actual hex color codes at a high frequency to excite pixels and hopefully release their stuck state and the repair window is sized for the iPhone.

Note : Do not over-run to fix the stuck because this, in a rare case, could lead to frozen pixels from over stressing.

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